Delivering the highest performance from the smallest spaces. - HPGX® advanced materials offer the toughest and highest yielding thermal performance of any closed geoexchange system. This allows your EWT performance objectives to be met with smaller fields, less time on site and minimual land disruption.

The proprietary composite blend and chemical fusion process offer unmatched well field performance and security by combining high strength with low weight and corrosion resistance.

Reliability AND Thermal Performance - If it's buried, thermal performance is secondary to reliability. HPGX® is a 100% chemically fused, hermetically sealed system that eliminates all mechanical connections. HPGX® uses the same high strength, corrosion-resistant materials and chemical fusion joining methods approved for underground fuel and combustible fluid transport. Learn more about the composite pipe around us in HPGX Overview.
Only The Toughest are approved for underground fuel transport and only the toughest should meet your approval for well field security. Knowing you've deployed materials which have been used to transport the harshest of fluids for generations means never having to worry about the integrity of your "Unseen Heath Exchanger."


Drinking Water Safe - HGPX® proprietary grout blend is ANSI/NSF Standard 60 - Drinking Water Standard approved. The high conductivity, low permeability blend comes in a no-hassle one bag mixture.